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Revitalise your face with our new Injectable package


The Skin Centre Medi Spa have launched the Revitalise Package which has you covered for all of your injectable needs;

  • 3ml Dermal Filler
  • 50 units Anti-Wrinkle Injections (Type D)
  • 1 Suntivity sunscreen

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long does treatment take?

The revitalise package will take 40 minutes in total, and includes a consultation with our Cosmetic Injector, topical anaesthetic application and the procedure.

What can I expect on the day of treatment?

Immediately after the filler procedure, you can expect slight redness and swelling- this is absolutely normal. This inconvenience is temporary and settles within a day or two. Light make up maybe applied if desired. The majority of patients feel comfortable enough to resume their work and normal activities after treatment. Bruising may develop a day or two after fillers, but will settle over 3-5 days.

Normal activities can be resumed soon after Anti Wrinkle treatments, however, there are some basic precautions that should be taken to reduce risks of side effects and obtain the best results from your treatment.

  • Ice may be applied to the treated area to help reduce discomfort, swelling and bruising
  • Try to exercise your treated muscles for the first hour after treatment. If you forget, it will not impact on your treatment negatively
  • Do not lie down or do strenuous exercise for 4 hours after treatment
  • Do not have a facial, nor rub or massage the treated areas for 24 hours after treatment

How long will the results last?

The longevity of fillers will depend on the areas treated, and the type of fillers used. On average, they last 6-8 months, however, much like one’s metabolic rate, there is also an individual variation in the longevity of fillers in different people.

Anti-wrinkle injections last, on average, three months to four months in most patients. With repeat anti-wrinkle injection treatments the effect tends to last longer as muscles weaken over time.

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